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ArtPartner Relations GmbH is a full subsidiary of the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Foundation. We work with partners from business, industry, trade and media in the fields of event management, sponsoring and third party funding. We organize, connect and cultivate contacts for and to the arts, create synergies and develop innovative events and cooperation concepts.
This approach has helped us develop into a leading networker and event organizer in the international museum industry over the past 15 years, thanks to, but not only because we equally respect the interests of all parties involved and we connect with our partners with a lot of empathy and professionalism.


ArtPartner Relations GmbH

Sandra Christmann

Managing Director
ArtPartner Relations GmbH

Fon +49 (0) 211 8381-220
Fax +49 (0) 211 8381-250

Valentina Wolters

Head of Events

Fon +49 (0) 211 8381-212
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Carina Mausolf

Junior Project Manager Event

Fon +49 (0) 211 8381-621
Fax +49 (0) 211 8381-250

Antonella Sbarra

Project Manager External Funding

Fon +49 (0) 211 8381-221
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Verena Schöpfer

Assistant Sponsoring/Management

Fon +49 (0) 211 8381-226
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