ArtPartner Relations GmbH has connected the Kunstsammlung with numerous international partners in over a decade and made them long-term partners of the museum. We develop effective and sustainable sponsorship concepts that create positive synergies for both partners. The focus of our mutual cooperation is always on the individual goals and needs of our partners. The Kunstsammlung is involved in different types of sponsoring:

Non-Cash Sponsoring

You make your products or services available to the Kunstsammlung and receive the most prominent form of product placement in return. An essential form of support for the Kunstsammlung, its exhibitions and projects!

Media Partnerships

You will be the Kunstsammlung’s media partner for an exhibition project or for a certain period of time. As partners, we provide each other with a public platform and opportunities for dialogue and programs.

Donator Program

We have developed a special program for our private sponsors. You make a donation to the Kunstsammlung – either financially or in the form of art works that you allow to become part of the Kunstsammlung.

Exhibition Sponsoring

You will sponsor an exhibition and utilize its appeal and public visibility. In addition to sponsoring the existing collection, the internationally acclaimed special exhibitions are a very interesting way to prominently position your business or your brand.

Corporate Sponsoring

A partnership that generally extends over several years or more, and through that fact alone communicates conscious dedication to long-term commitment. A valuable expression that communicates in so many ways that you take your company’s corporate social responsibility seriously.

Educational Sponsoring

You are committed to supporting a single educational project or to “education” in general for the Kunstsammlung. Regardless of which option you choose: educational sponsorship has a particularly lasting impact – for your brand and society. That’s because children and adolescents, integrative projects and global, future-oriented topics especially benefit from this type of sponsoring.

Partner of the Arts


“Art – along with music – is the only language that can be understood everywhere and by everyone. Art has no limits, but it also shows us our limitations. We are proud that we have been able to give art enthusiasts across all age and social groups in and around Dusseldorf the opportunity to explore and experience art in all its diversity – thanks to more than 10 years of KPMG’s Art Evenings. Our long-standing partnership with the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen as well as the excellent cooperation with ArtPartner Relations GmbH are a valuable asset and give us the opportunity to fulfill our social responsibility in Dusseldorf.”

Marc Ufer
Regional Executive West Dusseldorf | KPMG AG

“As one of the industry’s largest employers and as a traditional plant located in Dusseldorf, we are closely connected to the city and its local institutions. The Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen is both locally and internationally renowned and we are extremely honored to cooperate with yet another strong regional partner. We are particularly pleased to provide the Kunstsammlung’s visitors with a shuttle service by means of our “Made in Dusseldorf” Mercedes-Benz sprinter. The shuttle service and partnership make it possible for the visitors to “experience” art in the truest sense of the word. We would like to thank the Kunstsammlung for the excellent cooperation.”

Dr. Armin Willy
Dusseldorf Plant Manager Mercedes-Benz | Daimler AG

“The Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Foundation has an equally strong partner in the NATIONAL-BANK, thanks to its dedicated cultural and social commitment. Successful exhibitions from Thomas Struth, Katharina Sieverding and Günther Uecker are just some examples of the many other equally successful projects. In this respect, our cooperation flies under the flag: More. Value. Discover.”

Dr. Thomas A. Lange
Chairman of the Management Board | NATIONAL-BANK AG

“Dusseldorf is a city of art. Connecting with the topic of art here is something close to our hearts. The Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen is one of the most prestigious institutions in Europe with very exciting, contemporary topics – we are very lucky to be able to make such meaningful contributions in Dusseldorf through this type of partnership.”

Andreas Rebbelmund
Managing Director | Breuninger Dusseldorf

External Funding

In close collaboration with the curators, we at the Kunstsammlung have formed numerous partnerships with foundations. One reason for this achievement is certainly the professional work done by our team over the course of many years, and through which we were able to establish the Kunstsammlung as an attractive and worthy cultural institute for sponsoring. We will gladly provide you with more information or arrange to meet with you personally.